Leslie Parke painting Silo

Painting “Silo”

One of the most visually and intellectually complex painters exhibiting since the 1970s, Leslie Parke’s paintings and photography challenge our perceptions of the visual world. Themes of light, transparency, and reflection are explored through everyday objects – shrink-wrapped cargo, discarded cans, a tangle of threads – creating a tension between what is real and what is perceived. Parke began her career in the shadow of New York’s postwar art movements, following the mid-century modernist artists Helen Frankenthaler, Kenneth Noland, and Jules Olitski. Her work is deeply grounded in art history; she literally deconstructed the works of earlier artists such as Giotto, Matisse, and Ingres. Her formalist approach to appreciating art informs her own process which, as she states, is rooted in paint. 

“A delicious disorientation and out-of-control delight for the viewer.”  Robert Wolterstorff, Director, Bruce Museum