For months, I have been sharing the process I am going through to create a four color lithograph. One of my main concerns has been how to translate and reinterpret the color in my paintings into print. As each color is applied separately, you have to think about the construction of the color in a different way from painting.

The people following my process have had their own epiphanies about color and the artistic process. This description from Sean Donovan is particularly interesting:

Several years ago I was commissioned to make a large cabinet to hide a big screen TV.  After I had built what they asked for, I let the decorator, Kathleen Brenner, know that I was ready for  whatever paint thy had decided on.  They sent me some paint from a paint company called the Donald Kaufman Paint Co.  The merit of this paint which was extremely expensive, was that it was mixed with pure pigment and no fillers.  The paint was labeled DK-3, Yellow. 

Paint: DKC-26 Photo: Peter Margonelli From:
Donald Kaufman Paint: DKC-26 Photo: Peter Margonelli
From: “Color Palettes” (not the cabinet in this story, just a
sample of Kaufman’s color in the room.)
  After properly priming the cabinet, I began to spray on the first coat.  It was beautiful.  The color was so yellow it was almost  breathtaking.  I finished up the first coat that night and was very pleased with the results.  After a couple of days of drying time, I painted the second coat.  As I applied it I could see the cabinet gaining a certain richness that was really surprising to me.  A few days later I applied the third coat and was extremely pleased with the result.  It was positively  stunning.  The paint seemed to be magic in that the cabinet seemed to glow and had a depth I had never seen before.
     In order to deliver the cabinet, I had to load it in a trailer and take it to Larchmont for delivery.  As we moved this cabinet out into the daylight rather than the artificial  light in the shop, the color seemed to change.  It became a brighter yellow, not as deep as it had been inside.  We pushed it into the trailer and it again changed color, to a more subdued yellow.  I called Kathy and she said that it was fine and to bring it down and kind of laughed at my concern. 
     After I had installed the cabinet in a beautifully decorated house,  Kathy insisted that I stay and watch the cabinet as the sun went down and cast a changing light on the cabinet.  The color change as the sun moved was amazing, it glowed with constantly changing color.  Kathy attributed the change to the pureness of the color and I was convinced. 
      If I was able to contribute some small idea to your work , I am very pleased.  Since my experience with that paint, I have realized how difficult it is to be an artist and how much work goes into each work.  When you  get things finished, let me know and I will come up for  a viewing and champagne.