The Modernist Walk Home

Shushan has several loops: roads that lead out of town and circle back. Each loop is about four miles long, just the right length for a walk. I don’t know what it was about this walk, perhaps it was the fact that I was listening on my iPod to a lecture on Clement Greenberg by David Ward, curator at the National Portrait Gallery, Smithsonian Institute, but I couldn’t take three steps without seeing another work of art in the landscape.

It started when I saw the Albrecht Dürer at the pig farm. [Albrect Durer and the Pig Farm] As I continued on my walk past Nolan’s Dairy farm, the tires used to hold down the plastic that covers the silage reminded me of a series of farm paintings by Altoon Sultan.

Altoon Sultan

Altoon Sultan

As I headed back toward town, a reflected tree in the river reminded me of Barnett Newman.

Barnett Newman

Barnett Newman

And the railroad bridge of Sean Scully.

Sean Scully, "Without"

Sean Scully, “Without”

Passing Pook’s Farm and Slaughter House there was a Nancy Holt culvert.

Nancy Holt, "Sun Tunnel"

Nancy Holt, “Sun Tunnel”

And as I neared home more glimpses of Barnett Newman.

Barnett Newman, "Concord"

Barnett Newman, “Concord”

Barnett Newman

Barnett Newman