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Everything is Real Catalog

Everything is Real, Paintings by Leslie Parke (catalog)

40 pages, full color
EVERYTHING IS REAL is a catalog of paintings by Leslie Parke that are both abstract and representational. Each image in the series exists in the real world – an old board of insulation, an industrial garage door, a silo and corn crib, a track in the mud and wrapped cargo on pallets. At the same time, each has been composed to accentuate the inherently abstract qualities of the reflective surfaces and their interplay with light.
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Leslie Parke, Paintings

Leslie Parke, Paintings (book)

68 pages, full color
A full color catalog of paintings by Leslie Parke with an essay by Ann Landi, contributing editor to ArtNews, and interview by Miriam N. Kotzin excerpted from Per Contra Magazine. Designed by Carol Jessop.
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What Remains, catalog by Leslie Parke

What Remains (exhibition catalog)

40 pages, full color
“What Remains” is a catalog of recent paintings by Leslie Parke for an exhibition at Gremillion and Company, Fine Arts in Houston, Texas. As Parke says, “the more elusive and impossible the image is to paint, the more it interests me. A painting succeeds for me when it seems as though the light is emanating from inside.”

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