Film and Video


Soundperson, assistant camera, archival material form Watch Me Now (see below) used in Fallen Champ: The Untold Story of Mike Tyson, a Barbara Kopple documentary.

Associate producer, soundperson, assistant camera, Expectations, a Michael Marton documentary on the unemployed steelworkers of east Los Angeles who banded together to feed 40,000 unemployed people in the area. (Produced by Suddeuche Rundfunk —SDR–Stuttgart, Germany and the Labor Institute of Public Affairs (LIPA). Aired on PBS and SDR.)
Soundperson, America Works, a LIPA television series on issues that affect workers. Episode on taxes. (PBS broadcast.)

Soundperson, assistant camera, America Works, two episodes, one on prescription drug legislation in Pennsylvania, the other on food banks in California. (National television, rebroadcast on PBS.)

Soundperson, assistant camera, Watch Me Now, a Michael Marton documentary about young boxers at Cus d’Amato’s gym in the Catskills fighting their way to the top. One of the boxers featured is fifteen year old Mike Tyson. (PBS and SDR.)

Script, soundperson, assistant camera, American Trap, a Michael Marton documentary about two young trappers trying to survive. (SDR and WMHT, Schenectady, NY.)

Soundperson, assistant camera, research, The Unsettled Ashes, a Michael Marton documentary on Oscar Pinkus, a holocaust survivor who returns to Germany to testify against his Nazi tormentor. (WMHT)
Soundperson and assistant camera, On the Nature of Music, a Michael Marton documentary on the innovative spatial composer Henry Brant.
Soundperson and assistant camera, Marylou at Saratoga, a Michael Marton documentary on wealthy socialite Mrs. Cornelius Vanderbilt Whitney. (WMHT)

Soundperson, assistant camera, “. . . in daylight and cool white”, a Micheal Marton documentary on artist Dan Flavin.
Research and development, What One Man Can Do, a Norbert Bunge documentary on Upton Sinclair.