Paul Cezanne, “The-Blue-Vase” 1889

Matisse  recalling a visit to the Salon des Independants with Pissarro, “I can still hear old father Pissarro exclaiming at the Independants, in front of a very beautiful still life by Cezanne, representing a blue water pot in fluted glass in the style of Neopoleon III, a harmony in blue, ‘It’s so like Ingres!’ Once I got over my surprise, I found — and I still   find — that he was right.” The painting gave birth to Matisse’s painting, “The Blue Window.” [Hilary Spurling, “The Unknown Matisse”]


Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres, “Princesse Albert de Broglie”



Henri Matisse, “The BLue Window”


While Hilary Spurling believes that the quote is referring to Cezanne’s “The Blue Vase”, I believe that since it is described as  being in the style of Napoleon III, Matisse is referring instead to this painting of a vase of flowers.  The relationship to Ingres seems more obvious, too.


Cezanne - Vase of Flowers

Cezanne, “Vase of Flowers”

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